WATCH: Lesnar Gets His Revenge Against Mir

The first time Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir fought at UFC 81, it was Lesnar’s UFC debut. Known as a monster beforehand, Lesnar wanted to make an immediate impact in his debut for the promotion. Unfortunately for Lesnar was not ready and lost to Mir via kneebar.

Not long after, Lesnar became UFC Heavyweight Champion. He matured as a fighter and started his own path of destruction. Then, it became time to face Mir once again. In the above video via the UFC, a mauling by “The Beast Incarnate” took place.

Lesnar put Mir down but didn’t swing right away. With chest on chest action, Lesnar would not let Mir breath. In the second round Lesnar was toying with Mir. It was a far different Lesnar compared to the one who was green early on. A barrage of shots ended the fight and gave Lesnar some form of closure.

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