Watch: MMA Fighter Strikes YouTube Critic Mid-Interview

An MMA fighter floored a YouTube star to the ground in the middle of a one-on-one interview yesterday.

FAME fighter Amadeusz “Ferrari” Roslik attacked YouTube star Sadek during an interview with Polish journalist Monika Laskowska.

Footage has been circulating of the incident. The YouTuber is answering questions on camera when just moments in, Roslik storms in and punches Sadek in the face. Sadek dropped to the floor as the journalist stepped to the side; Roslik said something to the camera before walking away.

Sadek – though appearing stunned and bleeding from his mouth – gets back on his feet and continues with the interview.

According to Polish media, Sadek has been criticizing Roslik and reportedly made negative remarks about the fighter’s family.

Roslik, however, is known for his controversial behavior.

In 2020, he was disqualified for an illegal kick to his opponent while he was on the floor. Then in this past March, he got into a fight with another MMA fighter during a press event.

It’s unclear if Roslik will receive any disciplinary actions. He is still expected to compete on Saturday against Pawel Bomba at High League 4 in Gliwice, Poland.

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