WATCH: Rogan Disgusted With McGregor’s Special Treatment

While Joe Rogan may love Conor McGregor’s work inside the octagon, the comedian, podcaster, and UFC color commentator is disgusted with what happened at UFC 223 Media Day.

Following the incident, which saw McGregor and over a dozen people invade Barclays Center to attack a bus containing Khabib Nurmagomedov, Rogan broke down his issues with McGregor getting special treatment on The Joe Rogan Experience.


“I wouldn’t say it was a booze move, it’s more of a coke move. Or it could just be part of his act. What if that dolly hit the part where Rose was sitting and cut Rose’s face up?” Rogan said while speaking with UFC light heavyweight Alexander Gustafsson.

“Michael Chiesa, I’m sad that he got cut but Chiesa is a tough bastard, he will be fine. He is probably pissed off, will sue Conor and make a s*** load of money suing him. But what if it hit Rose? The f*****g world would hate him. What if Rose was blinded in one eye because of that? Ray Borg got cuts in his eyes, so it’s entirely possible. He got glass shards in, he’s got a scratched cornea. Chiesa filed a complaint, which will lead to a lawsuit, I would imagine. If I was Conor, I would settle every f*****g thing outside of a courtroom because if he loses and he gets a felony, he’s f****d. He probably won’t even be able to come into the country. Switch it around; imagine if Ray Borg threw that dolly and Conor was inside. He’d be gone, his career would be over. That’s one of the more f****d up things about this is that you know Conor is getting special treatment. He is, and that’s not good for anybody.”


McGregor is due in court, along with training partner Cain Cowley regarding the attack.. For a break down of what could be next, read Michael Stets Conversation with “The Fight Lawyer.”



Original Story: MMA Mania

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