WATCH: Sonnen Claims Fighters Who Miss Weight Should Be Cut

There have been a rash of fighters missing weight for the past several months, and current Bellator Heavyweight Grand Prix competitor, Chael Sonnen, may have a solution.

Sonnen, who fought mainly at middleweight and light heavyweight while in the UFC, claimed on his Beyond The Fight podcast, that there is a simple solution to this problem.

“My solution is ‘you’re done, you’re not fighting, go home,’” Sonnen said. “’You’re cut, you’re released’, however extreme you want to get with it.”

“’You broke the deal, you cheated, you lied on the contract, and we’re not using you.’ And I agree that with the plethora of people in MMA that miss weight, sometimes two and three people a night, that that is a significant problem.”

Sonnen feels that immediately making an example out of a fighter could help curb this issue.

“I would also argue as an experiment, we can run shockwaves through this sport right now by yanking one guy,” Sonnen said.

“One cheater, one violator. Don’t just take his money, up it to a disqualification, pay the other person, and I don’t think you would have that problem for another two or three years.”

The fighter and commentator also agreed with UFC fighter Dominick Cruz, who called what Mackenzie Dern did at UFC 224 “cheating.”

“I really did appreciate that Dom called it out because that’s what it is,” Sonnen said. “You cheated, there’s a rule here. A signed, written rule that comes with a punishment.”

“That’s how we know things are rules,” he continued. “There’s a punishment, then there was a rule. And you broke it, and it is cheating. Dom called it cheating, Dom called it the right word.”

Quotes Via: Bloody Elbow


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