WATCH: Spence-Ocampo Presser

Watch as IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. and his opponent Carlos Ocampo, address the media as they announce their fight set for June 16th in Frisco, Texas.

Spence told reporters on Wednesday, that “this is a big opportunity for me. This has been a lifelong dream of mine. I can’t wait to fight in front of my hometown fans that have been rooting for me since the amateurs.”

“It’s great to bring this event to Ford Center. I’m happy to defend my title against a great contender like Ocampo and I hope everyone comes out and supports their champion.”

And while a title fight is an intense moment for champion and challenger, Spence feels that fighting at home will help take some of the edge off. “I don’t think there’s any extra pressure fighting in my hometown. It’s just added motivation,” Spence said on Tuesday.

When asked about his opponent Carlos Ocampo, the champion was nothing but positive towards the Mexican born fighter.

“Everybody poses a challenge in the ring. Ocampo is tough. He’s young and this is something he’s been fighting for his whole life. I know he’s coming to fight. Mexican fighters have a great tradition. They come to fight and they don’t back down. I know he’s going to give it his all and that gets me motivated.

Ocampo is walking into the Ford Center the clear underdog on June 16th, but that’s a role he’s comfortable playing. “It’s supposed to be tough with the crowd against me and I know I’m the underdog, but my mind is only on the fight, Ocampo said on Wednesday.  I’m just fighting one man, not a whole crowd. I know that I have what it takes.

“I have been the underdog before and I’m prepared to once again overcome that. I’m not worried about what anybody else thinks of me or this fight. My mind is only on winning and being prepared to do whatever I have to.”

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