Watch: SugarHill Steward Inspires Tyson Fury To KO Deontay Wilder In Trilogy Bout

Boxing fans are in awe of Tyson Fury’s trainer SugarHill Steward, who laid the blueprint to the Gypsy King’s success during the trilogy fight against Deontay Wilder.

A video has emerged of the veteran head trainer where he could be seen suggesting Fury use more jabs in the latter rounds. After the seventh round, Steward told Fury that Wilder had gassed out and he can put him away soon with just his sharp jabs.

“You’ve got to just go ahead and do it now. Look at him, he gave it his best shot. Put your hand out here and guide it, it’s not that hard. Red light, green light. Finish this s–t now with your jabs. I’m telling you only one thing – jab. Let the jab go to work,” Steward said.

“Jab the motherf–er man. Just jab the motherf–er goddamnit. The simplest s–t in the book.”

Fury could be seen paying close attention to his trainer.

Wilder, who had hired a new coach, Malik Scott, for the super fight, was first rocked in the third round. Fury floored his after a series of jabs which immediately prompted a response from the Wilder’s head coach.

“He’s still looking for your jab. Block it with your hand and check it with a hook,” Scott said.

Nevertheless, Fury went on to do as commanded Steward, knocking out the Bronze Bomber in the 11th round to retain the WBC heavyweight championship.

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