WATCH: The UFC Debut Of Nate Diaz

One of the most polarizing MMA stars of the last few years, Nate Diaz is a true fan-favorite. There is something about his persona that makes him beloved, as well as the skills that makes him feared. Fans got their first true taste at Nick’s younger brother At The Ultimate Fighter 5 finale in 2007, via the video above.

Just 5-2 before joining TUF, Diaz (20-12) went through Rob Emerson, Corey Hill and Gray Maynard before taking on Manny Gamburyan in the finals. Gamburyan went for a takedown right away as Nate tried for a kimura. Nate was able to maneuver out of a guillotine attempt, but round one was all Gamburyan. Like the majority of his career, however, the late starter in Diaz gained momentum.

With some vicious shots to the face, Nate looked to take Gamburyan out. Going for a takedown, Gamburyan dislocated his shoulder, resulting in the TUF win for Diaz.

Since then, Diaz has gone through wars with a who’s who of fighters and has even got his money’s worth against Conor McGregor. After a few years away, Diaz returned to fight for the BMF Title.

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