Watch: This Is What Happened To A Follower Who Trolled Kevin Holland

Kevin Holland isn’t like most people when they get trolled.

Holland posted a short clip on Saturday taking down an internet troll – literally.

“This troll thought he was a tough guy or skilled or some bs. So I put his ass on a bus, paid for his hotel room and brought him in for a session. How it started,” Holland tweeted.

In the clip, Holland fended off a takedown and effortlessly began choking him out.

Holland got widely famous in 2020 after earning five victories in a row in a single year. However, 2021 was not the best for him. He fought three times and earned zero victories.

It started with a follower named Jayden Draper who said he could take on the UFC fighter.

“All I gotta say is even though your a black belt I’m positive I could submit you prove me wrong,” said a message from a guy named Jayden Draper.
There were follow up messages from each of the next two months, saying “Stop ducking me” and “Still ducking me p—.”

Holland has an upcoming fight against Alex Oliveira at UFC 272 in March.

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