WATCH: Tom Loeffler Break Down Canelo-GGG 2 Talks

Following the announcement that Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin are finally set for a September 15th rematch, Golovkin’s promoter Tom Loeffler broke down how he felt this was a fair deal for both sides.

“It was a rollercoaster…Eric [Gomez] and I were on the phone early [in the[ morning, we were trying to figure out a solution, Loeffler told FIGHTHub. “We were very close but on a big fight like this you never know. Unless you have everything agreed, it’s not gonna happen. And GGG stuck with his principles and he wanted, as a respect for the champion, he wanted to have what he was asking for, and Canelo was on his side.

“12 o’clock noon… wasn’t gonna happen. I was very frustrated — disappointed really. We were already making calls to put the fight together with GGG and BIlly Joe Saunders, with the unification fight, and about an hour later Eric called back — and they were already going in the direction of Danny Jacobs — but Eric called back and had a new suggestion, said ‘what do you think about this, you think GGG will go with this?’ and I said ‘that might work, let me ask him’ and then with about 10 minutes GGG said yes.

“As soon as they met what he was asking for then he was okay with it. He always wanted the fight and it’s a great fight for Canelo. Canelo gets the opportunity to win the titles from GGG that we worked so hard to get and Gennady gets the opportunity to be involved in one of the biggest fights in the sport of boxing. So both guys are great — at that level — they’re great warriors and it’s gonna be a lot of fireworks for September 15th.”

“I think it’s finally a fair deal and I have to give Gennady a lot of respect. He stood on his principles,” Loeffler said in the above video.”It’s a lot of money involved. I was getting nervous, I’m like “Gennady, it’s a lot of money!’ but he said ‘I don’t care. If they don’t agree I’m just gonna go and I’ma fight Billy Joe Saunders, we’ll fight for a unification fight,’ — that’s a big fight too but it’s just not on the same level as a GGG and Canelo fight, for both guys.

“So I really think that the boxing fans are the ones that won in this situation. September 15th, it’s gonna be an international sporting event. It’s not gonna be a boxing match, it’s really gonna be an international sporting event where people are gonna fly in from all over the world and be in Las Vegas, so everyone’s excited about it and we’re really looking forward to that fight.”

Video: Fight Hub

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