WATCH: Tony Ferguson’s Intense Training Session

When it comes to preparing himself for big fights, Tony Ferguson has been known to do some unorthodox things. It is just the Ferguson lifestyle.

The 36-year-old Ferguson (25-3) shared an intense training video showing his progress heading into his Lightweight Title fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov. He went to “Suplex City” on a training apparatus before spearing it down to the ground.

The moves weren’t just honoring the NFL, WWE stars or pro wrestling in general. Khabib is known as a mauler on the ground, and Ferguson is hoping to get him down any way possible before “”The Eagle” gets his opportunity.

Scheduled for April 18, this would be the fifth time the two were supposed to fight. Originally scheduled for inside the Barclays Center, the coronavirus has forced large events to be cancelled. The UFC just recently had to postpone three events after putting on UFC Brasilia with no fans. Dana White has been adamant about keeping the fight together, and is looking to bring it wherever he can. Khabib’s father pointed out it could potentially take place in the UAE.

One thing that was noticed is that he was by himself and not with trainers. With “social distancing” a common practice, can we expect more of these wild videos?

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