WATCH: Vakhitov’s Deadly Spinning Back Fist

A man known for his power with eight wins via knockout, Artem Vakhitov has a style that can tear opponents down into two. A move he can do that will get people talking is the spinning back fist.

Back in 2013 at GLORY 9, Artem made his GLORY debut in New York City and wowed the crowd against Luis Tavares. In the opening few minutes Artem took Tavares off of his feet with a spinning back fist. Tavares was never able to recover, and a few moments later a liver shot by Artem ended it.

Since the bout, Artem has won the Glory Light Heavyweight Championship. He has defended it five times since beating Saulo Cavalari for it in 2016. You can watch the full video of the fight above.

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