Waterson ‘Hoping For The Best, Preparing For The Worst’

Always one who looks for the best in any situation, Michelle Waterson is doing just that when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic.

The “Karate Hottie” was set to face Carla Esparza at UFC Portland on April 11, but it became one of several events the UFC had to postpone. Now with an unknown fight future and Jackson Wink closed, Waterson (17-7) is waiting to see what happens next. Speaking with MMA Junkie, Waterson discussed all that is going on in the world and how she is coping with all of it.

“I kinda don’t know what to expect for the near future for anything, so I’m just staying in shape,” Waterson stated. “Luckily I have an amazing house to quarantine in, and my husband is an amazing coach. So just between the two of us we’re able to get good workouts in and stay in shape, so we’re staying in shape and just waiting to hear some good news.”

With the current situation, Waterson’s schedule is much different compared to what she is used to. Her daughter is getting homeschooled because schools all over the United States are closed. Her mother, who helps prepares her for camps, is also living with her. One of Waterson’s main concerns is the safety of her mother, who has prior health issues.

Right now, the UFC is focusing on UFC 249, set to take place on April 18. With that as its sole mission, Waterson is just waiting for the moment her next fight is announced. She understands how hectic it is for Dana White and company to be working around this, but she is hoping for any information to help her out.

“I haven’t heard anything, but you know, anything can happen at this point,” Waterson continued. “I know Dana is working really hard and, honestly, I think his main objective is to get this April 18 card up and going, so everything else that happened prior to that is just kinda … they’re just going to try to fill the slots and everything when the floodgates open. I’m hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. It’s all we can do.”

Waterson joins a list of confused fighters waiting to hear details. Some fighters, like the ones who never got to compete at UFC London, stated they were compensated for their troubles. Waterson has two sides of her that is sure to be in every fighter: the one who wants to compete and the other who thinks about the bigger picture.

“Sometimes there are things bigger than yourself that has to take precedent…. It is my career, that’s how I make a living. That’s how I feed my family, that’s how I bring money to the table. Selfishly I would like to be able to fight so I can pay my bills and be able to continue to help support my family, but on the other end, its like there are things that are out of my control.

“Sometimes when you try to force something that isn’t supposed to be forced, it makes things worse than what they were before. I’m just trying to make the best out of the situation, take advantage of the time that I have with my family here at home and still stay grinding.”

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