WBA Announces A New ‘Super Cruiserweight’ Division

Right when it appeared that sanctioning bodies were simplifying boxing by removing superfluous belts, a new weight division has been added.

The WBA has announced the creation of a new ‘Super Cruiserweight’ division at a weight limit of 200-224 pounds, which is the sport’s 18th weight category. The organization voted unanimously in favor of it, as it joined the WBC in recognizing a similar weight class after they approved the ‘Bridgerweight’ division set at 191-224 pounds in 2020. The first champion at ‘Bridgerweight’ was Oscar Rivas as the division was seen as an attempt to aid those who would struggle at heavyweight.

“The World Boxing Association (WBA) Executive Committee approved the creation of the super cruiserweight division in a vote called by the president Gilberto Jesus Mendoza. This new division will be between 200 and 224 pounds, while it will be located between the cruiserweight and heavyweight divisions,” WBA

Nevertheless, this move could pose several problems. Another division dilutes the amount of talent on show, with fighters being able to move up and down multiple weight classes by targeting title fights that they would perceive as being ‘easier.’ In addition, it adds another layer of complexity for casual boxing fans with another weight division to contend with. And with that, there is a danger of creating the so-called ‘paper champions’ with more belts being handed out, thus reducing their significance. At the same time, the move will only complicate the ability of fighters to unify if boxers can simply move weight classes. And to top it off, fighters would pay another sanctioning fee. And those concerns were evident on social media.


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