WBA Suspends Judge In Maestre-Fox Fight After Criticized Scorecard, Racist Tweets

Following an ordered rematch of Gabriel Maestre versus Mykal Fox and the discovery of past racist tweets, the World Boxing Association is suspending judge Gloria Martinez Rizzo for six months.

WBA President Gilberto Mendoza will meet with Rizzo in Miami this week to discuss the suspension, which could include expulsion from WBA-sanctioned fights.

“We saw her score was wrong despite the unanimous decision,” Mendoza told ESPN Wednesday. “Those comments she made in the past – she might be expelled by the WBA. … I don’t support any kind of racism. I believe in equality. …Sports are the only thing that brings equality into the world sometimes.”

On Sunday, Boxing Scene compiled a thread of Rizzo’s tweets that reflected racist remarks. Among them, the judge referred to former First Lady Michelle Obama as a “monkey face” and told NBA superstar LeBron to “go back to the stable.”

Both Obama and James are Black Americans like Fox.

Fox, of Maryland, lost Saturday’s interim welterweight title bout to Maestre, a native of Venezuela.

Mendoza’s scorecard (117-110) leaned most in favor for the Venezuelan boxer among the three judges who scored the fight.

Calls for an investigation into the WBA and the matchup immediately flooded social media and boxing news sites.

On Thursday, Fox tweeted regarding the news of Rizzo’s suspension.

A rematch between Maestre-Fox will be rescheduled according to WBA rule C.26.

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