WBC Admits Adding New Division Is Difficult

In October of 2017,the  World Boxing Council (WBC) mapped out a plan to conduct a six month long study on whether or not to split the heavyweight division into two separate divisions, heavyweight and “super” heavyweight.

As expected from WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman, historians, fans, and commentators lauded the idea of a new weight class.

Sulaiman explained that the study would not be deterred by any negative comments, because the move was strictly being done for the health of the fighters.

“The reality is that obviously there are fights where the physical difference [in weight] becomes dangerous. In the cruiserweight division, the limit is 200 pounds and then there is no limit,” Sulaiman stated last October.

“Recently the weight of the champions [at heavyweight] is 250 or 260 pounds and they fought with opponents who are about 205-210. I want to ask [the WBC’s medical team] to do research on the side of medicine to collect data. We will conduct a weight study and perhaps establish the new division. We want boxers to be in the best position to protect their health.”


Halfway through the intended timeline, Sulaiman admits that the logistics of developing a brand new division will be harder than anticipated.

According to the WBC’s doctors, there is no clear cut evidence on exactly where the heavyweight limit should end and where the super heavyweight limit would theoretically begin.Further more there is not enough evidence to prove that a fighter at 250 pounds would necessarily be more dangerous than a fighter at 230 or 210.

“It is very difficult, medically, to determine the issue of weight. We have a lot of information, we are going to analyze it, but I feel that adding another division will be difficult,” Sulaiman concluded.

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