WBC Prez: Canelo Cannot Be Guilty Of Doping

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman penned an open letter on Monday, regarding the situation regarding Canelo Alvarez’ testing positive twice for clenbuterol.

Alvarez, who he and his team contend only tested positive due to contaminated meat, is currently suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and is awaiting his fate, and the fate of his May 5th rematch against Gennady Golovkin, in a hearing set for April 8th.

President Sulaiman started his open letter focusing on the influence sports has had on millions around the world, and that “for centuries, and recently for decades, sports meant honorable, clean competition to win a medal for honor and national pride or win a championship for pride and supremacy.”

He then starts to discuss the evils that money has brought to sports, where the “motivation to win turned from honor and glory to luxury, ambition, and fortunes.”

Sulaiman then claimed that “doping in boxing appears to be rare” and that “boxers are honorable and mindful atheltes that understand the sports and its dangers and risks.”

“The WBC created the CLEAN BOXING PROGRAM. Administered by VADA under WADA guidelines, we have experienced a wide variety of situations, different substances, different scenarios, complicated research, investigations and rulings. We stand tall to see the WBC CBP working and will continue to have this as one of our top priorities. WE ARE THE ONLY INTERNATIONAL BOXING ORGANIZATION THAT HAS CREATED A PROGRAM TO EDUCATE, ENROLL AND RANDOMLY TEST OUT AND IN COMPETITION, AND BATTLE DOPING IN OUR SPORT BECAUSE, FOR THE WBC, there is nothing more sacred than the safety and physical integrity of the boxers, while making sure that justice is served through the corresponding application of our constitution, rules and regulations through the due process and the world principle of innocence until proven otherwise.”

Sulaiman then broke down the rights of Gennady Golovkin, w hich includes

  • WBC champion Gennady “GGG” Golovkin has all the rights to challenge the doping of his opponent. He has all the rights to demand an investigation of such doping results.
  • The NEVADA STATE ATHLETIC COMMISSION has all the rights to conduct any investigations and rule any decisions as the fight is contracted to take place under their jurisdiction.
  • The WBC has all the rights to investigate the case through the Clean Boxing Program protocol and determine its position as the WBC middleweight championship is involved in this fight.
  • Canelo Álvarez has all the rights to go through the due process, to provide information and defend his position.

The WBC President also outlined different facts surrounding clenbuterol and Alvarez’ testing.

  •  Canelo Alvarez had 2 tests with adverse findings of CLENBUTEROL.
  •  3 additional tests have resulted in negative findings.
  • 109 out of 289 soccer players tested positive for Clenbuterol during Mexico’s sub-17 World Cup in 2011.
  •  Erik Morales and Francisco Vargas tested positive for Clenbuterol before their respective fights of 2013 and 2016, which, indeed, took place in New York and California. THE LEVELS FOUND IN THE BOXERS AND THE INVESTIGATIONS OF THE FACTS LED TO THE CONCLUSION THAT IT WAS DUE TO FOOD CONTAMINATION.
  •  The levels of Clenbuterol found in Alvarez are consistent and lower than other athletes levels from the example as detailed above which were ultimately reported as food contamination.
  •  Clenbuterol contamination is a national health issue in Mexico and other countries.


Sulaiman finished his letter with his summation that Alvarez is in-fact not guilty of doping but could be considered  “guilty of negligence and ignorance and was careless in his nutrition regime. However, with all the facts and information available to analyze this case, he cannot be found guilty of doping.”


Read the full statement now via the World Boxing News

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