WBC President Praises Tyson Fury’s Run

Since becoming lineal heavyweight champion in 2015, Tyson Fury’s run to the top has been quite a story. In general, the heavyweight division of boxing has gotten attention for the storyline involving some of the top fighters out there. World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman has taken notice.

During an interview with ESPN, Sulaiman discussed the rise of interest in heavyweight boxing. Once the gold standard, the division cooled off for a while. Since then, talents like Fury, Anthony Joshua, Wladimir Klitschko, and Deontay Wilder have taken over. He particularly enjoyed talking about the current WBC Heavyweight Champion in Fury (30-0-1).

“The heavyweight division is booming. It’s never been, in the past 20 years, as interesting as it is now,” Sulaiman stated. “Tyson Fury – what a story. What an unbelievable comeback: from thinking of taking his life to being WBC Champion of the world. Knocking out (Deontay) WIlder who had been champion for five years, undefeated with such a knockout record.”

After beating Klitschko to become champion, Fury’s known issues with his mental health came into play. That, along with using drugs, forced him to take a break from the sport. His deteriorating health was something many were concerned with. He vacated the titles he won, still holding onto the lineal championship. Once he returned, a new person was being presented to the world.

Fury and Wilder faced off in 2018 in an exciting affair that had fans on the edge of their seats. The former survived multiple knockdown shots from the explosive Wilder, who couldn’t believe it himself. The rematch this past February saw Fury chase after Wilder and putting him down twice. In the end, Wilder’s corner threw in the towel in the seventh, giving Fury the WBC and The Ring Heavyweight TItles.

Since the win, there are plans of putting on an undisputed title fight between Fury and Joshua. Fury must first get through Wilder one more time. If he were to beat Joshua, Fury has stated he would want to fight until he is 40. Thanks to his current success, Sulaiman is confident in whatever Fury sets out to do.

“You can see Tyson Fury doing anything that he puts his mind on,” Sulaiman went on to say. “He is very powerful, he is very intelligent, very calm. He is very unique. So I see him as having all the elements to accomplish any of his dreams.”

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