WBC Refuses To Approve 12 Three-Minute Rounds For Women’s Boxing

Mauricio Sulaiman, the WBC President, has defended the organization for refusing to sanction 12 three-minute rounds for Amanda Serrano’s last fight. 

Serrano beat Danila Ramos via a unanimous decision as she defended all her belts except for the WBC. Unlike the other sanctioning bodies, the WBC refused to endorse Serrano fighting under men’s rules, which she had done against Ramos. Subsequently, Serrano vacated her WBC belt in protest at the organization’s failure to yield to her demands. 

“Moving forward, if a sanctioning body doesn’t want to give me and my fellow fighters the choice to fight the same as the men, then I will not be fighting for that sanctioning body. The WBC has refused to evolve the sport for equality. So, I am relinquishing their title.

“Thank You to the sanctioning bodies who have evolved for equality. If you want to face me in the ring, you have a choice. I’ve made mine. Thank you to all of my fellow fighters who have stood with me. Thank you to my team. Thank you to my fans. And above all, thank you God. I’m blessed,” Serrano 

The WBC’s decision was based on medical studies, which is why they have continued with the current approach of ten two-minute rounds. Sulaiman, however, admitted that there could be some change with the possibility of trialling ten two-minute rounds for men’s boxing to create a level playing field. And yet, fellow female boxer Mikaela Mayer was open to fighting under men’s rules in her next fight against Natasha Jonas, showing the difference in opinion. Despite the differences, Sulaiman remained firm.

“We made a strong commitment for safety. We ratified everything that we have studied. Whoever wants to try challenging risks, it cannot be within the WBC structure. Perhaps it’s a coincidence, it came naturally but the two-minute rounds create huge action, great emotions.

“The risk with fighting for more time, you become more dehydrated and also tired and that is very dangerous. We love the two-minute rounds, especially for protection and safety but also it’s a great spectacle,” Sulaiman said

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