Weidman Hits Out At The UFC For Putting Him On The Prelim Card

Chris Weidman has been left disappointed after he was placed on the UFC 292 preliminary card for a fight against Brad Tavares.

Weidman does have a considerable pedigree because he is a former middleweight champion.

While that may have been the case, Weidman has been out of the cage for over a year following a leg injury in his last fight with Uriah Hall in 2021.

Therefore, there was a perception that Weidman may no longer be able to cut it at the top level. 

Nevertheless, Weidman has made it clear that he will put on a solid performance against Tavares. And in doing so, he had a few choice words to say about the UFC. 


“It’s kind of disrespectful, to be honest. I’m not gonna pretend like it’s not. To be out for two years with a broken injury, I broke my leg on the mats of the UFC on a pay-per-view, first card since COVID, first fully packed arena in Jacksonville; put my body on the line and they put me on a prelim?

“That’s a bad idea. “You know what? It probably works out for everybody at the end of the day because it’s a little bit of motivation. Like, ‘Alright, at first you disrespect me like that. What, you think I’m done?’ No, I’m here to make a statement,” Weidman

Nevertheless, at the age of 39, Weidman is entering into the latter parts of his career. So by putting in a solid performance, he has a chance to remind the division of his skills. 

And yet, given his mass inactivity, the social media response was not in his favor.

Social Media Reaction

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