What Did The UFC Tell Dan Hardy After Herb Dean Confrontation?

UFC color commentator Dan Hardy has revealed what he was told after his tense back-and-forth with referee Herb Dean.

At UFC on ESPN 14 back on July 25, Hardy and Paul Felder were critical of Dean’s stoppages at the event. One bout, in particular, that got Hardy riled up was Francisco Trinaldo vs. Jai Herbert. Trinaldo dropped Herbert and while Hardy and Felder thought the fight should’ve been stopped right there, Dean let it continue for a few more seconds. This led Hardy to yell out, “stop the fight!”

Hardy began yelling out at Dean, “that’s two times now,” expressing his belief that Dean was also late in stopping an earlier bout. After the fight, UFC President Dana White said he didn’t love the situation that transpired. The UFC Vice President of International and Content, David Shaw said the situation would be addressed.

Appearing on MMAJunkie Radio, Hardy revealed what was said to him after the incident.

“I’ve spoken to the UFC about it. They don’t want me shouting at the officials on the broadcast. That was my feedback from it. At the same time, I don’t want to be put in a position where an official isn’t doing their job. … I just want accountability. That’s all I want. We’re in a sport where people can get seriously hurt – permanently seriously hurt.”

Hardy was adamant that White’s rant about approaching officials was not about him. “The Outlaw” says he never walked up to Dean and picked a fight. He says he simply called the action and that’s when he and Dean got into a little back-and-forth verbal exchange.

Throughout the years, Hardy says he has respected Dean. He believes a private or public conversation with the referee can be beneficial and a learning experience for both if Dean were interested in having such a discussion.

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