What Does Tyson Fury Think Of The Drake Curse?

Drake has never shied away from showing his support for professional athletes. But fans have often found the players lose out in contests that Drake supports.

But this curse broke last Saturday night when Tyson Fury defeated Deontay Wilder at the T-Mobile Arena. The Canadian singer-rapper had taken it to social media to root for the Gypsy King, dropping a few f-bombs in the process.

Speaking about Fury, Drake said that the boxer is the most psycho man he knows, but also “one with the clearest heart.”

He wished the Gypsy King best of luck for the showdown and told him to “just go out there and continue the legacy, do what you do.”

Addressing the supposed Drake curse on his Instagram story ahead of the fight, Fury showed that he’s not a man who believes in superstitions.

“Curse? No such thing pal,” he said.

The heavyweight champion retained his WBC strap, thumping Wilder for the second time in their third fight. The Bronze Bomber gassed out after the sixth round, whereas Fury’s conditioning kept him agile on his toes until the 11th round when he delivered the final haymaker on Wilder.

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