What Is Going On With Adrien Broner?

It appears that Adrien Broner can’t escape his past.

According to Cleveland.com, Broner has been sentenced to seven days in jail for violating his probation relating to a 2018 case. This is not the first time Broner has gotten in trouble this year. Back in March, the former champion was arrested in Miami on drunk-driving charges. Sherrie Miday, the judge on the case, was hoping this would be a “wake-up call” for Broner.

This is regarding a sexual assault case from 2018 that involved a 35-year-old woman from Wickliffe. She accused him of assault at a nightclub in Cleveland during the 2018 NBA Finals. He was sentenced in April 2019 to two years of probation, and the woman’s lawyers recently filed a motion stating that Broner was not responding to requests of documentation. He also did not appear at a scheduled deposition.

Not hiring a lawyer, Broner was forced to pay $830,000 during that time.

Broner turned professional in 2008 and was dubbed the next Floyd Mayweather. He ended up winning gold in four different divisions; holding the WBO Super-Featherweight, WBC Lightweight, WBA Welterweight, and WBA Light-Welterweight Titles. In his last seven bouts, however, Broner is 3-3-1, and he is 0-2-1 in his last three. The 31-year-old’s last fight was in January 2019, losing to Manny Pacquiao.

Broner recently retired from boxing to become a rapper. This was after he believed he wasn’t getting paid what he thought he deserved. Broner has since expressed a desire to return to the ring.

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