What Is Going On With Devin Haney vs. Gary Russell Jr.?

Fight fans hoping to see Devin Haney vs. Gary Russell Jr. soon may not be thrilled with this latest development.

Haney is the WBC Lightweight Champion. Russell holds the WBC Featherweight Championship. Haney has said he’d fight Russell for the $1.5 million that Russell offered to accept in order to fight Terence Crawford. Russell blasted Haney over the offer, claiming Haney is pretending he calls the shots instead of Eddie Hearn.

Michael Benson took to his Twitter account to make note that Russell said in order to fight Haney, he must have the rematch clause catered towards his request.

Gary Russell Jr. has confirmed he’s received the contract to challenge Devin Haney for his WBC lightweight title next. However, he said he wants the rematch clause to be on his terms – meaning that, if he beat Haney, he’d get to decide the network which broadcasts the rematch.”

Haney responded to this development by taking aim at Russell.

“Gary Russell Jr., you are the biggest fraud in sports. If he gets in the ring I will retire him!”

Haney’s last bout was back on November 9, 2019. He successfully retained the WBC Lightweight title, defeating Alfredo Santiago via unanimous decision. It was Haney’s first successful defense of the championship.

As for Russell, he competed back on February 8. He successfully retained his WBC Featherweight Championship. Russell bested Tugstsogt Nyambayar with a unanimous decision win.

Russell hasn’t been shy in speaking out on a slew of big-name fighters. Russell has said he feels slighted that no one is calling him out for a big title fight. Thus far, Haney has been the most willing participant.

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