What Is Hakuho Sho’s Status For Grand Sumo Tournament In September?

Hakuho Sho’s status for the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament is in question.

NHK World reports that Hakuho has undergone surgery on both his knees. The double-knee surgery was reportedly performed in August. The next tournament will begin on September 13, which has left many to doubt Hakuho’s status for the September and November series.

Hakuho was forced to withdraw from the 13th day of the July tournament as he suffered a meniscus injury. There were reportedly other conditions at play as well. He had a hardened ligament in his right knee that was cleaned out thanks to endoscopic surgery. Hakuho had previously undergone surgery in October 2018.

It’s a tough break for Hakuho, who was hoping to get back on track sooner after being forced off the July Grand Sumo Tournament early. He emerged victorious in the March Grand Sumo Tournament and hoped to add another trophy to his mantle in July.

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