What Is Lance Palmer’s Status With The PFL?

As several MMA promotions return to action, the Professional Fighters League continues to remain dormant. The promotion’s decision, among other factors, may have led to them losing one of its most dominant champions.

According to ESPN, two-time PFL Featherweight Champion Lance Palmer has requested his release from the promotion. This comes after Palmer gave them an ultimatum: book him and others a fight or release him.

Recently, the Palmer’s have been under fire following recent comments made by Lance’s (22-3) dad Dwayne. The elder member of the Palmer family appeared to use his private media accounts to mock the “Black Lives Matter” movement. The PFL sent out a public statement condemning what he, someone not on their roster, said. Lance believes the statement involved family in a way that wasn’t necessary.

“I feel like it’s defamation on my character to put a post out regarding my dad, when it really has nothing to do with PFL or anything that I said,” Palmer stated. “It would be different if it were me saying something or me agreeing with something, but this makes zero sense to me. And this is just the icing on the cake for how uncooperative they’ve been throughout the whole process of canceling their season.”

Palmer is referring to the PFL canceling the 2020 season as a result of COVID-19. The promotion then stated it would provide the fighters that weren’t released a $1,000 monthly stipend. Palmer rejected the stipend, as he does not believe the money is worth losing a portion of his career over. He would discuss PFL’s lack of activity on social media.

A silver medalist in the 2010 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships, Palmer competed with World Series of Fighting, becoming the inaugural featherweight champion in the process. When the WSOF formed to be the PFL, he signed on and won the 2018 PFL Featherweight Tournament. Returning for the second season, won again, going 8-0 with the PFL. It was later announced he signed a deal with the promotion for a third season and beyond. Palmer is looking to use his influence to spark a change.

“I’m trying to speak up for the other people who are getting screwed around in this scenario, and now I feel like I’ve taken the brunt of it with this situation,” Palmer went on to say. “I don’t think they are referring to anything recent, so they are searching for something at this point. And this is not even on my account.

“They’ve talked to me about how I’m the face of this company and this and that, but when it comes to negotiations and paying me something that I think is fair, to stick around for next season, they didn’t want to do that. And then this scenario comes out, making it a political and race thing. It’s really strange to me. I feel like they’re searching for anything at this point.”

As of now, Palmer is still signed with the PFL, and the promotion has yet to comment on the situation. Palmer believes legal action could be taken as he looks to compete and showcase his skills once again.

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