What’s next for Julio Cesar Chavez Jr after Anderson Silva loss?

Former UFC veteran Anderson Silva has stunned the world of combat sports after defeating boxing legend Julio Cesar Chavez Jr at his own game. The Spider clinched a decision victory over the boxing legend, who he dominated and outboxed during most of the fight. Two judges scored 77-75 for Silva while the third one had Chavez 77-75.

Silva, 46, entered the ring as an underdog as his opponent had more experience in boxing and had the age advantage of being 11 years younger than the Spider. But it seemed like the former WBC middleweight champion lacked the grit to make it big against the MMA veteran as he first disappointed his fans by turning up overweight.

The 35-year-old had to pay nearly $100K for coming in at 184.4 instead of the agreed 182 pounds. He failed to dictate the pace and got hit with several clean blows by Silva, who seems to be ageing like a fine wine.
Before this contest, the Spider competed in two boxing bouts, losing one and winning, but the victory against Chavez makes the case for the biggest win in his short boxing career.

As for Chavez Jr, the Mexican star claimed he never got hurt in last night’s fight and a draw would have been the fair result.

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