White & Bisping Refute Lawsuit

 Both UFC President, Dana White, and UFC middleweight champion, Michael Bisping assert that there’s no substance to a lawsuit filed against Bisping on Monday in California Superior Court.

A 19-year-old man is alleging that Bisping assaulted him during a confrontation at a 24-Hour Fitness in Anaheim, Calif., on July 31. Antonio Georgakopolous says Bisping choked him for “two to three seconds,” not allowing him to breathe. He then had to see a specialist for severe throat pain, per the complaint.

When asked for comment Bisping called the situation total bollocks,” at a UFC 217 media lunch. “There’s your comment.”

When asked for comment from Mike Swick, Dana White was firmly on Bipsing’s side.

“You got some meathead saying ‘Hey, that’s my bench’ and trying to act like a f**king tough guy in the gym. Yeah, he’s such a tough guy he’s suing Bisping now. Apparently the guy said to Bisping, “Do you f**king know who I am?” That’s what he said to Bisping. Yeah, you’re the guy that sues people. F**king p**sy.

“But this is all second-hand that I heard from one of our people. I’ve got to get it first -hand from him, exactly how it went down.”

According to Georgakopolous’ attorney, Gavril T. Gabriel, Bisping confronted Georgakopolous for allegedly taking his weights at the gym. Bisping called Georgakopolous an “idiot,” a “punk” and said “you don’t know who I am,” it is being alleged. Then Bisping grabbed the teenager by the throat, the complaint states.

The lawsuit claimed that Bisping was served a private persons arrest form. This claim turned out to be false, as  Bisping was not arrested, according to Anaheim Police Department public information officer Sgt. Daron Wyatt. Wyatt told MMA Fighting that the investigation was submitted to the City Attorney’s Office and “it was determined there was insufficient evidence to file a criminal case.”

“I haven’t even been served with papers,” the UFC middleweight champion said.

“They’re suing the UFC, they’re suing 24-Hour Fitness, they’re suing William Morris Endeavor, they’re suing Michael Bisping. So good luck with that. It’s completely in-factual. From what I’ve read about it so far, there’s many, many contradictions. Obviously, it’s a lawsuit, so I don’t want to say too much, but I can just say I’m not losing too much sleep and it’s not correct.”

Bisping, 38, defends his title against Georges St-Pierre at UFC 217 on Nov. 4 at New York’s Madison Square Garden. It’s one of the biggest UFC events of the year. Bisping believes the lawsuit was filed this week for a reason.

 “It happened months ago. It seems very, very tactical. ‘Oh, let’s bring it out a week before the biggest fight of his life.’ Bring some attention to it, perhaps. Look for a settlement. I’m already saying too much. Good job.”

White on the other hand cut to the quick on Bisping’s alleged victim.

“F**king embarrassing. You’re a clown. Guys like him are a f**king embarrassment.”

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