White Denies He’s Trying To Poach Joshua

UFC President Dana White has slowly rolled out the idea of his own boxing promotion. And with fighters like Mikey Garcia potentially signing on, others may follow suit, like Anthony Joshua.

According to a report from the Express, White offered Joshua over $100 million to sign with Zuffa Boxing, but White is now declaring those to be false rumors.

“I never made him an offer, ever,” White said to The Express.

“[That rumor came out of] thin air. I never made him an offer. We were supposed to meet. But we never talked money or we never did anything.”

According to White, he was looking to make a deal where he would be the promoter of Joshua in the United States, but that would leave Eddie Hearn and his new Matchroom Boxing USA out in the cold.

“That isn’t even, really, the kind of deal I was looking to structure. structured,” White said.

“Because when we talked, he had told me he was going to stay with Eddie Hearn. He told me he was going to stay with Eddie. He was never going to get rid of Eddie Hearn and that was never the plan. Like I was trying to move in and steal him from Hearn.

“The deal was that I felt we could a lot of value to them in the United States. So we could cut some kind of a deal for the US. He’s big in England, everybody knows who he is in England. And I have the machine to make him big in the United States. That was the plan.”


Original Story: The Express

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