White: Edgar Gets Next Title Shot

After losing his shot at the UFC featherweight title to Brian Ortega, Frankie Edgar bounced back at UFC Atlantic City and feels next in line for a title shot.

UFC President Dana White spoke with the UFC Unfiltered podcast, and claimed that Edgar has more than earned the chance for the title.

“If you look at Frankie Edgar right now, the guy’s ranked number three in the world,” White said during the recent episode of the UFC Unfiltered podcast. “He’s still right in there, and you know how sh-t happens in this business, man.”

“Ortega’s next, but imagine if anything happens to those guys and Frankie stays in shape, he could absolutely dive in there for a title shot. You never know what’s gonna happen.”

Ortega was supposed to face Max Holloway for the featherweight title at UFC 222, but Holloway would pull out due to injury. In what many thought would be a lay-up win for Edgar, but Ortega on short notice would stop Edgar and end up being next in line for Holloway.

“He’s a f—ng stud,” White said of Edgar. “That’s what you do. When you’re a professional fighter and you believe you’re one of the best in the world, you fight anybody. And that’s what he did, he took the fight with Ortega.”

“It ain’t like the old days, man,” he added. “Back when Matt Serra and those guys were fighting. It’s a different world now, and a lot of these guys just want to f—ng sit out and wait because they have the money to do it. And I respect the guys that step up like Frankie Edgar, and that’s why people love Frankie Edgar. He stepped up and took a fight when he didn’t have to and he did, and that’s why people love him.”


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