White Fires Back at Rockhold

These days, many fighters are voicing their displeasure towards the UFC on social media. But rarely does UFC boss Dana White respond. Today he made an exception, firing back at former middleweight champion Luke Rockhold for his statements.

Rockhold took to Twitter to express his frustration with White’s post-UFC 211 comment about fighters, specifically Rockhold, claiming that they "deserve" better treatment than they are getting.

White evidently noticed the former champion’s Tweet, posting his own dig at Rockhold:

"I usually never respond," White wrote, "but GSP never lost his title. Bisping, GSP and the fans wanted it. Stick to fighting and modeling and leave the matchmaking to us."

Given White’s decision to post the message, it is clear that Rockhold’s comments struck a nerve. The recent trend of fighters choosing not to compete because of their frustration with the UFC has been one of the biggest storylines of 2017, and we’ll see if Rockhold can set his differences aside and get back into the cage this year.

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