White Refutes McGregor-WrestleMania Rumor

One of the things that has won Conor McGregor many fans over his career has been his charisma, his words on the mic and his ability to hype a fight. It sounds WWE-like, and in the past, McGregor has praised the likes of Vince McMahon and Ric Flair. However, McGregor has also seemingly rubbed the WWE roster the wrong way.

While there have been rumors in the past of potential interest in an appearance by McGregor, the WWE has not made any official announcement of an attempt to pursue McGregor. But earlier this week, a report from The Sun stated that McGregor was closing in on a deal with WWE to appear at its WrestleMania event this coming April.

However, UFC President Dana White is now claiming that the report isn’t true. Appearing on New York’s Fox 5, White said that there is no truth to the rumors, going as far as to say he just talked to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon about the news story and show his phone to the news anchors.

According to White and the anchors, McMahon said the report was news to him, and that “it might be good someday, but not now.”

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