White Wants To End Early Weigh-Ins

The UFC’s issues with fighters missing weight has not gone unnoticed by UFC President Dana White. For the past few months, high profile fighters such as Darren Till, Mackenzie Dern, Kevin Lee and others have missed weight prior to their fights.

One issue some are pointing at is the change to early “official” weigh-ins, to allow fighters to have more time to re-hydrate and recover between the scale and fight night.

When instituted after UFC 199, many fighters did not have an issue with it, but over the past year many fighters have been coming in overweight and causing cancellations, fines, and catchweight fights.

While on the UFC Unfiltered podcast, White claims there is a clear link between early weigh-ins and fighters missing weight.“Yes, I do think it’s that, and guess what? We’re getting rid of it,” White said. “We’re looking at taking the weigh-ins back to the way they used to be. So when the guys weigh in there, at the (ceremonial weigh-ins), that will be it. That’ll be the real weigh-in.”

White did not fully blame on the process, but the potential for fighters to try and game the system.

“Here’s what I believe,” White said. “Any time you change something, everybody looks to take as much advantage as they can of the situation. I think that when we started doing morning weigh-ins, it was very good. Everybody was making weight, everything was great.

“But then people started cutting it closer and closer and closer, thinking they can put on more weight because they have more time to recover, and the reality is, it f**ked everything up. So we’re looking at going back to — at 4 p.m. PT — when we do the weigh-ins, those will be the real weigh-ins.

“The other thing is, I don’t know any fighters that are morning people. Most of them stay up half the night and sleep half the day, so that might have something to do with the morning weigh-ins too.”

White cannot flip a switch and make the move back to the later weigh-ins, but did claim he is hoping to work with athletic commissions and find the best way to move back.


Report: MMA Fighting

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