Who Does Oscar De La Hoya Want To Train Him For Potential Comeback Fight?

If Oscar De La Hoya is serious about returning to the ring, he is going to need a legitimate team to work with him. “The Golden Boy” is already considering reuniting with an old friend.

On the SI Boxing podcast, De La Hoya discussed teaming up with a man who was his trainer from 2001-2006 and before he retired in 2008.

“The only person that comes to mind [to train me], the only person that I would ask humbly is Floyd Mayweather Sr.,” De La Hoya stated, via Boxing Scene.

“Floyd Mayweather Sr. is the only trainer that can tell me to wake up at 5 in the morning. He’s the only trainer who can push my buttons and make me work hard and smart. So I would actually go to him and humbly ask him to do a favor for me.”

Making his professional debut in 1992, De La Hoya (39-6) would end up winning the WBO Junior-Lightweight Title in his 12th pro fight and the WBO Lightweight Title two fights later. He also became WBC Welterweight Champion and would end up winning gold in six weight classes. De La Hoya ended his career with a 4-4 record, last facing Manny Pacquiao to a corner stoppage loss.

The Golden Boy Promotions founder would win light-middleweight and middleweight gold with Mayweather Sr. De la Hoya would switch to Freddie Roach before facing Mayweather’s son. While there are restrictions as a result of COVID-19, De La Hoya has managed to secure a team to loosen him up. As far as his timetable, De La Hoya has it all planned out.

“By September, I’m hoping to spar 12 rounds on a regular basis,” De La Hoya ended up saying. “By that time I do want to make that decision of fighting the first quarter of next year.”

The 47-year-old is looking to face legitimate competition upon his return. He has specifically asked for championship-caliber fighters to test him. De La Hoya believes he’ll be ready as a result of his training.

The return of De La Hoya will depend on how Mike Tyson, who announced his intentions to return to the ring, ends up doing.

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