Who Would Henry Cejudo Come Out Of Retirement To Face?

Just a few weeks after announcing his retirement from active MMA competition, Henry Cejudo wants to test out another sport. He also has the perfect opponent in mind for his new venture.

“Triple C” continued his recent beef with WBC Silver Lightweight Champion Ryan Garcia. Speaking with TMZ Sports, Cejudo mentioned that a fight with Garcia is on his mind, stemming from recent beef between the two.

“I think I’ve done everything in MMA,” Cejudo stated. “Olympic champ, flyweight champ, bantamweight champ, I’ve defended both of my titles. I think the only one I want to do it is to make Ryan Garcia bend the knee.

“I really don’t think he’s that good, I really don’t. I think with a proper team, the right game plan, I believe I could make him bend the knee in front of Oscar De La Hoya. I feel like I have the tools, the power, the strength, the experience. We want to make this happen, potentially in Saudi Arabia, so we got the money guy. We got the money guy that’s willing to pay both of us. It’s just up to Randy “Candy” Garcia to sign that contract.”

Back in early May, the two got into a social media beef when Garcia asked the simple question if Cejudo would give him a good fight in the ring. This was just after he beat Dominick Cruz to defend the UFC Bantamweight Title at UFC 249. They both weigh about 135. Cejudo then responded by calling him a wannabe and that he’d make him bend the knee. Garica then responded saying he would end his retirement for good.

Garcia (20-0) made his boxing debut in 2016. The 21-year-old won two fights in 2019 and has 17 wins via knockout. His last knockout-win was this past February when he took out Francisco Fonseca in the first round. He previously spoke to TMZ Sports about the social media war between the two, and how Cejudo seemingly attacked him out of nowhere. That could potentially result in a summer fight.

“Chicken Little, he got very disrespectful, in my honest opinion,” Garcia said,” via MMA Fighting. “I came at him in a respectful way but he came at me in a disrespectful way, so in that regard, that needs to be handled. I haven’t found an opponent for July 4 but I feel like we can make that happen if he really wants that work. He says he’s retired but once I said a little something, Chicken Little came out of retirement. So I say that needs to be handled.”

Cejudo, a double-champion and Olympic medalist, has been busy since leaving MMA. He appeared on All Elite Wrestling’s Dynamite show with Mike Tyson to take out Chris Jericho.

As far as a future fight goes, Cejudo said in the video that Garcia makes him sick. While Garcia could land 100 punches, it would only take one for Cejudo to take him out. He then offered to fight De La Hoya as well. The two have shown interest in a cross-promotional bout, regardless if it is in the ring or the cage.

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