Why Conor Benn Thinks He’s Innocent Despite Testing Positive For Banned Substance

Last week, Conor Benn reportedly relinquished his boxing license.

Britain’s Conor Benn, who tested positive for clomifene twice in two separate VADA drugs, has defended himself once again and explained why he should not be seen as guilty.

“I was informed [of the first positive test] and I thought, ‘It’s probably a faulty test’. I thought, ‘We’ll get to the bottom of it’. We’re still trying to do that. We’re making progress,” the 26-year-old said in a recent interview.

“I passed all my UKAD tests, which people aren’t talking about. I’ve passed all my tests in and out of camp. I’ve been a professional for seven years and never failed a test.

“I’ve not taken anything. I never have done, never would. It’s not what I stand for, it’s not what my team stands for.”

Benn is adamant that he did not consume any illegal substance intentionally, reiterating that a time will come where he will prove that he is wrongly accused of the drug’s abuse.

“But the way it’s been blown up has affected me so much. My innocence will be proven. It has to be,” he said.

In August, Benn’s fight with Chris Eubank Jr. was called off after he registered trace levels of clomifene. He then tested positive once again in September.

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