Why Dana White Underrates Kayla Harrison

The UFC boss feels the two-time PFL champ hasn’t fought top competitors. “Kayla Harrison hasn’t fought anybody yet. She hasn’t fought anybody,” White said.

White clarified that he thinks Harrison is a good fighter, but he cannot be compared to the big names in the UFC.

“Let me put Amanda Nunes in with the girls that (Kayla has) fought, it might be the first death in MMA. OK?” he said. “And listen, I like her. I got nothing against her. But come on, let’s be honest. Let’s be honest.”

Two of her opponents during her PFL stint were former UFC stars: Cindy Dandois and Larissa Pacheco.

White has hailed Harrison time and again, but he has always affirmed that she hasn’t proved herself good enough for him to rope her in. Harrison doesn’t seem too worried about landing a UFC contract.

She just made a million dollars winning the recent PFL tournament and loves being the biggest free-agent fighter.

She is in no rush to take on Nunes and other juggernauts of Dana White’s company. She has already said that she will prove White wrong soon in near future.

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