Why Everyone Is Talking About This UFC Vegas 48 KO

Social media fans are going wild over young David Onama’s recent fight with Gabriel Benitez at UFC Vegas 48.

Onama teed off on his opponent until he couldn’t recover and get up from the fierce blow.

Nobody was expecting that things would wrap up so quickly as the fight lasted even less than a minute. The contest ended in just the first round.

The Ugandan professional MMA fighter started the fight a little slow in the first few seconds.
However, he was seen pacing up and gaining momentum after he received a couple of heavy leg kicks from Benitez.

Things turned around rapidly in Onama’s favor as he pushed all the pressure towards the opponent and viciously knocked out the Mexican star.

Onama has recently made his debut in the past October and is the younger of the two fighters. Though the Ugandan fighter faced a short notice defeat in his debut fight against Mason Jones, he won hearts with his decent performance.

The vibrant striker has an overall career record of eight wins and only one loss. With the average striking precision of 59 percent and the recent knockout bout, his fans are hopeful for the fighter’s bright future.

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