Why Is Nigel Benn Concerned For Roy Jones Jr.?

Nigel Benn gives credit to Roy Jones Jr. for his toughness but there is some concern.

Jones Jr. is scheduled to collide with Mike Tyson later this year. The eight-round exhibition fight is set for November 28. The bout was initially scheduled to take place on September 12 but Tyson’s team wanted more time to market the event. This angered Jones Jr. at first but he’s now satisfied with the modified terms of his agreement.

Speaking to Press Box PR, former WBC Super-Middleweight Champion Benn explained why he has some concern over Jones Jr. taking a fight with Tyson.

“I take my hat off to Roy, but even if Mike Tyson was smoking a spliff, I still wouldn’t get it in the ring with him. I really take my hat off to Roy because they are bone-crunching shots that he will face. All Tyson has to do is collar you and that’s it. Those are brain damage shots. Personally, I wouldn’t get in there even if I was fit. Regardless of Roy dancing around trying to pick him off, I don’t know if he’s got the power to hold him off.‍

“He’s an animal, when Tyson hits you, you stay hit. Roy’s a good fighter, he likes to hit and move, hit and move, but if you can’t stop someone like Tyson, he’ll walk straight through you – you need to bang him out regardless of how fast your hands are. He’s too powerful, he’ll get himself into shape and come out like a racehorse because he’s not going to come in and make himself look silly. I believe Tyson stops him. He’s just too powerful.”

Jones Jr. last competed in a pro boxing match back on February 8, 2018. He defeated Scott Sigmon via unanimous decision to capture the WBU (German version) Cruiserweight Championship. While Jones Jr. planned to stay out of the boxing ring outside of staying in shape, he admitted that the opportunity to fight Tyson was too good to pass on.

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