Whyte Knocks Out Chisora In The 11th Round

The first fight between Dillian Whyte and Dereck Chisora was a thrilling heavyweight bout and for the first 10.5 rounds in their rematch, the two continued with an entertaining show at the O2 Arena.

But it was Whyte who proved, without a shadow of a doubt, he was the better boxer between the two when he knocked Chisora out late in the 11th round of the fight. Whyte landed a scintillating left hook on Chisora’s jaw that dropped Chisora onto the canvas, taking him out of the fight.

The fight started off with Chisora working the body and outboxing Whyte in the opening rounds. Whyte was able to land enough power punches to not only keep Chisora aware of a potential knockout. Chisora hit Whyte below the belt numerous times in the fight and even had a point deducted as a result.

As the fight got deeper, Whyte became more aggressive and started to win rounds due to his power advantage. Chisora started to tire out and Whyte only got more aggressive as the fight approached the championship rounds. It was in the 11th round when Whyte landed the left hook to clinch the victory and a potential shot at a world heavyweight title in 2019.

The two fought in late 2016 with Whyte coming out on top with a close split decision. Since then, Whyte has remained unbeaten, climbing the heavyweight ranks and looking to get a rematch with unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua.

After the fight, Whyte called out Joshua in the hopes of getting an answer regarding a rematch. Joshua is currently scheduled to defend his unified WBA, WBO and IBF heavyweight titles at Wembley Stadiun on April 13, 2019, but does not have an opponent. Joshua said his main goal is to fight WBC champion Deontay Wilder next, but stated that if that fight is not possible, then Whyte could be next in line.

Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn added fuel to the fire by saying that it is not a matter of if but when Joshua has to fight Whyte. Hearn said that Whyte will likely be installed as the WBO mandatory challenger, forcing Joshua to fight Whyte or risk getting stripped of the WBO title.

Dillian Whyte defeated Dereck Chisora by KO, round 11, 1:56 to retain the WBO International and WBC Silver Heavyweight titles

Dillian Whyte vs. Dereck Chisora: WBO International and WBC Silver Heavyweight titles

Round 1: Chisora starts off with a couple of jabs and then works the body. Chisora moves forward and lands a couple of hooks. Whyte tries to go for a left hook and Chisora ducks under it and works the body some more. Whyte lands a big right hand that momentarily stuns Chisora. Chisora lands a left hook to the body. Chisroa lands another right hand to the body. Whyte lands another right late in the round.

Round 2: Whyte starts to utilize the jab in the first minute and then lands a big right hand. Chisora lands a left hook to the body and pressures Whyte to the ropes. Chisora lands another right hand to the body and looking well so far in this fight. Whyte lands an uppercut to Chisora and the two wrestle around the ropes and almost went out of the ring as the round ends.

Round 3: Chisora lands big shots to start in the third round and works the body once more. Whyte is being pushed around the ring as Chisora continues to outwork Whyte. Chisora throws a couple of uppercuts as Whyte was up against the ropes. Whyte misses an uppercut and Chisora lands another body shot. Whyte lands a short uppercut to the body. Whyte lands a 1-2 combination. Both men exchange shots at the end of the fight.

Round 4: Whyte lands a pair of big straight right hands on Chisora’s face. Whyte then lands an uppercut that splits Chisora’s defense. Whyte lands an overhand right and Chisora responds with two straight solid body shots. Chisora takes a body shot from Whyte and lands an uppercut. Both men are near the ropes and brawl for about 20 seconds.

Round 5: The two heavyweight pugilists continue exchanging big shots around the ring for the first minute of the round. Chisora lands a couple of left hands to Whyte’s body. Chisora is pressuring Whyte around the ring, pushing him back and landing body shots. Chisora lands a right hand to Whyte’s jaw and Whyte continues landing numerous punches. Chisora lands a big left hand upstairs.

Round 6: Chisora starts off working the body and the first couple of minutes have both men trade shots. Whyte lands a right hand upstairs. Chisora pressures Whyte around the ring and lands a big right hand. Chisora lands another right and Whyte ends the round with a left to the body.

Round 7: Chisora hurts Whyte early in the round and Whyte responds with numerous body shots. Whyte lands a couple of jabs upstairs. Chisora lands another right and Whyte connects with a big punch to hurt Chisora. Whyte continues to pressure Chisora across the ring.

Round 8: Chisora is now being pressured around the ring early on. Whyte lands a left to the body and then a short right to Chisora’s ribs. Chisora lands a left to the body, but then nearly headbutts Whyte, something Chisora has been doing throughout the fight. Whyte lands several big punches to be the aggressor in this round. Chisora lands a big right and Whyte lands a left to end the round. Chisora is deducted a point for multiple fouls committed in the fight.

Round 9: Chisora lands a right hand to the body and the two are boxing against the ropes. Chisora goes back to work the body, but Chisora is also still clashing heads with his opponent. Chisora lands a left to the body. Chisora stuns Whyte for a bit with a shot to the head. Both men appear to be tired, but they are still trading shots and Whyte is still the one throwing more punches.

Round 10: Whyte looks to be the fresher fighter and throws a couple of hooks upstairs. Chisora is pressuring Whyte around the ring and throws an overhand right. Chisora throws several left jabs for a change of pace. Chisora is still pressuring Whyte, but his punches don’t have as much pop as they used to have in the opening rounds. Whyte lands a pair of big uppercuts to Chisora.

Round 11: Both men continue to throw punches all over the ring, but they are short of breath and clinch. Whyte throws several jabs and they clinch. As they get out of the clinch, Chisora elbows Whyte from below and another point deducted. Whyte knocks out Chisora with a thunderous shot and wins the rematch.

Official Result: Dillian Whyte defeated Dereck Chisora by KO, round 11, 1:56 to retain the WBO International and WBC Silver Heavyweight titles

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