Whyte vs. Parker Live Results

While most eyes looking at heavyweight boxing are focused on Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder’s next title defenses, and a possible eventual showdown between one another, another noteworthy bout — a title eliminator — takes place today.

Dillian Whyte defends his WBC silver heavyweight title against former WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker from The O2 Arena in London, England. The vacant WBO international heavyweight title will also be at stake.

Eddie Hearn, promoter of WBA/WBO/IBF/IBO Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua, has hinted that the winner of Whyte vs. Parker could receive a title shot in the near future. Joshua is the sole loss on both Whyte and Parker’s records. Joshua defeated Whyte in December 2015 — right before his full takeover of the heavyweight scene — while Joshua defeated Parker in a title unification bout in March, the most recent bout for both men.

Whyte has rebounded since his loss to Joshua with seven straight wins, while Parker looks for his bounce back in this clash with Whyte.

(c.) Dillian Whyte vs. Joseph Parker: WBC Silver Heavyweight Championship & vacant WBO International Heavyweight Championship:

Round 1: Opening combination with a strong right from Parker. Parker trying to keep his distance as he works the left jab, but Whyte looking to fire away. Whyte blocks a punch and throws a couple of body shots. Parker is no question the quicker fighter here. Body shot from Whyte. Two-punch combo from Parker. Right punch from Whyte right before the bell.

Round 2: The two exchange, with Parker landing a decent left hook, but Whyte answers back with a shot of his own. Whyte fires away, backing up the former WBO champ. Body shot from Whyte. Parker throws several body shots, but he gets caught with a counter and goes down! Parker gets up and the bell signals the end of the round.

Round 3: Turns out on the replay the knockdown may have come from an accidental clash of heads. But Parker is rebounding. In the middle of the round, however, Whyte lands several close shots to the head of Parker. Whyte looks to land another big shot, while Parker trying to use his footwork.

Round 4: Shot to the body from Whyte, the two trade away. The two clinch up against the ropes and have to be separated. Whyte is warned. The two go at it again and have to be separated. The two trade a couple of shots to the body. Whyte throws a big hook and the two end up in a clinch again. Parker focus on the body, getting Whyte against the ropes, but Whyte moves with Parker and tries to land a hard hook or uppercut, backing up and stumbling the former WBO champion. A couple of body shots landed by Whyte. Whyte goes for the body once more before the bell.

Round 5: Whyte nearly loses his balance throwing something heavy. Parker aims for the body as the two exchange. Whyte lands a hard shot to the body. Whyte grabs Parker’s head with his left arm and the two have to be separated. Parker looking for a counterpunch.

Round 6: The two clinch early. After a minute of exchanging, Whyte throws a barrage of shots at Parker, and while Parker is taking damage, he isn’t getting knocked down. The distance between the two is closed, and Whyte can’t land anything big until he lands a couple of hooks. Parker tries to answer back with shots to the body and the two back up to the ropes. Whyte throws to the body and follows up with two jabs. Parker fails to land a combination. The two get trapped in a corner and have to be separated until the bell.

Round 7: Parker throws a combination. He tries to move around, but Whyte attempts to cut off the ring. Whyte applies the pressure onto the former WBO champion, but he headlocks Parker yet again. Parker getting hit with jabs and straights, while he’s focused on landing a right to the head of Whyte. Whyte with a right uppercut to the body. Whyte with a couple of shots to the body and jabs to the head before the bell.

Round 8: Parker throws a couple of body shots, but Whyte answers by throwing to the head. A couple of jabs from Whyte. The pace has drastically slowed since the first half of the fight. Whyte gets Parker up against the ropes and looks to chip away, but Parker gets out of there quickly. Both men look pretty gassed. Right hand from Whyte before working the jab once more. Parker throws an uppercut to the body. Left hand from Parker. Whyte throws an uppercut and a hook to the body. Parker throws a couple of straights that Whyte answers.

Round 9: Parker throws some weak shots to start the round. Parker lands an uppercut, but Whyte counters with a body shot. Parker still backing away, it looks like he doesn’t want to engage even with Whyte’s fatigue. Whyte lands a hard left that drops Parker! Though Parker gets up, he’s clearly still rocked badly. Parker lands a couple of weak body shots. Whyte misses with a strong overhand right.

Round 10: The two exchange weak shots with a lot of misses. Parker throws two shots to the head, but Whyte goes back to working the jab, forcing Parker back. Parker tries to land an uppercut and hook, but he isn’t landing anything significant — he needs a big shot to turn this fight around. Left to the body from Parker. Whyte throws a couple of shots, while Parker misses an uppercut. Parker looking for a big countershot, but he’s still on the backfoot and he still looks overwhelmed. The two clinch against the ropes and are separated. The ref warns Whyte once more before the bell.

Round 11: Whyte lands a hard right hand to the face of Parker. Whyte misses a punch and gets countered hard with a couple of shots from Whyte. But Parker manages to push back Whyte by working the body a little, but it’s not much doing. Parker throws a combination, but it’s all blocked. Whyte throws a couple of body shots. The two clinch up. Big uppercut from Parker and Whyte tries clinching up as he’s backed to the ropes. Whyte gets Parker to the ropes and the two trade away. Whyte is hurt and tired, and Parker lands a couple of shots. The two are separated right before the bell after a clinch.

Round 12: A big punch from Parker knocks Whyte back to the ropes, and the two exchange but Parker is landing the cleaner punches until Whyte manages to grab on and clinch. Whyte fires back, and Parker may have punched himself out. But Parker lands a couple of shots to the button, Parker answers with body shots. Whyte misses a big overhand shot. Whyte throws two jabs and backs Parker up. Two times they clinch and are separated. Parker catches Whyte and Whyte is dropped in the last minute! Whyte gets up and, while Parker goes for the kill, Whyte manages to slip away and bring Parker to the ropes as the final bell rings!

Official decision: Dillian Whyte def. Joseph Parker via unanimous decision (113-112, 115-110, 114-111)

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