Wilder Aiming For Cut In Fury Rematch

While it will be at least five months until Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder have a rematch for Wilder’s WBC world heavyweight title, Wilder is looking to focus on an injury Fury suffered last weekend.

Fury had two separate cuts above his eye that needed 50 stitches against Otto Wallin inside T-Mobile Arena. but that’s not why Wilder thought Wallin could have grabbed an upset on Saturday night.

“He’s very vulnerable. When he gets hit on the chin – it’s a wrap,” Wilder told Thaboxingvoice. “Otto Wallin was doing a great job up to that point, especially when he cut him over the eye. I thought he was going to get a stoppage. It looked like it was three inches wide and two inches deep.

“That’s the worst cut besides the [Vitali] Klitschko and Lennox fight. That was the worst cut I’ve seen in my life. I can’t wait. I hope they heal well, and I can’t wait to see Mr Fury.”

“That’s not my problem if he’s ready or not,” Wilder said of Fury needing to recover from the injury.

“He signed the contract. That’s his problem. He better get ready. No matter what he does, when he fights me, [the cut] is going to open right back up. I’m going to pop it right back open. He can get plastic surgery, duck tape or staples, super glue or hot glue, cement glue. Sh*t, he can go get some of that flex glue. It ain’t even going to matter.”

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