Wilder Brands Ruiz A ‘Short, Fat Fighter’

Deontay Wilder has hit back after Andy Ruiz Jr’s father (Ruiz Sr) made some comments about the current negotiations. 

Wilder and Ruiz are currently in talks for a WBC title-eliminator clash for the summer.

It is alleged that Wilder’s side offered a 70-30 split, which did not go down well with Ruiz Sr, who was very vocal about wanting an even split.

This was on the grounds that neither fighter was a champion anymore. Therefore, a 50-50 split would reflect their current worth. 

However, in doing so, Ruiz Sr. lost his cool by accusing Wilder’s team of being liars. 

“What happened is that Wilder is a liar. He and his trainer want Andy [Ruiz Jr] to accept a ridiculous amount of money. Andy is not a random name.

“Wilder wants to offer Andy around 30% [70-30 split]. The only thing we are asking is a 50-50 split, and we are ready to fight Wilder. Andy and Wilder are going to fill up a stadium; they are going to sell a crazy amount of PPV because everybody wants to see that fight,” Ruiz Sr.

And now Wilder has taken things personally by slamming Ruiz for not taking more control over the decision-making process. 

“We ain’t talked about no money, so how does he know if it was a 70/30 offer? I didn’t talk to Andy’s daddy about any type of money whatsoever.

“Andy’s gonna be 33 years old, f***ing broke, can’t support his children, because his daddy made decisions for him. Andy, what are we seeing from him? A short, fat fighter with small hands that make him look fast. That’s it.

“Andy’s a one-round fight,” Wilder said

Currently, the ball is in Ruiz’s court to accept the offer that has come his way. Wilder is the A-side, given that his three fights with Tyson Fury propelled his name to another level.

And with a possible fight with Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia, Ruiz will have to take or leave what the ‘Bronze Bomber’ offers. After all, the latter had more positive news over a Joshua fight.

“That’s looking very promising, very promising. Joshua’s a three-round fight,” Wilder

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