Wilder Could Face Brock Lesnar Next

Deontay Wilder is ready to face Brock Lesnar in a crossover bout as a fight with Anthony Joshua remains a sticking point. 

The two boxers have been linked with a fight in Saudi Arabia for some time. Despite assurances from Eddie Hearn that terms have been agreed verbally, no contract has emerged. This has led to question marks over whether or not the Saudis have an interest in putting on the fight, with reports that Africa is also being considered as a destination. And given that Wilder has not fought in around a year since he stopped Robert Helenius in the first round, the boxer is keen on remaining active. As such, Lesnar could become a possibility. The former is known for his wrestling career, as well as having fought under the UFC. Therefore, Wilder was open to facing Lesnar. 

“I’ll go straight with Brock Lesnar. He’s just size, man. Size doesn’t mean anything. Not all the time. It does take a little bit of skill. It does take a little bit of will and a little bit of heart. But it takes a little determination, and all that’s a recipe. So, I think Brock Lesnar will be way too muscular. So, when you muscular like that, you knock off your flexibility,” Wilder

It is not clear under what format such a fight would take place. However, Tyson Fury’s upcoming bout with Francis Ngannou will take place under boxing rules. Although that may be the case, both Wilder and Fury have spoken about facing Ngannou in an MMA cage. So a Wilder-Lesnar fight could equally take place there. Time will tell moving forward.

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