Wilder: Fury ‘Has Pillows As Fists”

As we get closer to the rematch between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury, the fighters are starting to open up about one another. As you may recall, the first fight between the two ended in a split decision draw. Now, the two will look to find out who truly is the best on February 22 inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. After delays and a lot of trash-talk, the time has almost come.

Following his wins over Dominic Breazeale and Luis Ortiz in 2019, Wilder (42-0-1) is focused and ready to go. He appears to be in better shape and is as excited as he ever has been for a fight.

“Things are going amazing. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life,” Wilder stated during a press event inside FOX Studios in Los Angeles. To come from where I come from, it’s amazing to be here. When you get a happy Deontay Wilder in training camp, you can definitely expect great things from me. That’s’ what I’m going to give you”

Wilder has 41 wins via knockout, and five of his last six fights have ended that way. During the first Fury (29-0-1) fight, Wilder almost took Fury’s head off with a vicious shot, but Fury got back up. Fury has 20 wins via knockout, with one against Tom Schwartz in June. His last KO-win prior to that was in 2014. Wilder believes the power of Fury is not as strong as the lineal champion claims it to be.

“We haven’t seen his power displayed like he’s been talking about,” Wilder continued. “It hasn’t been continuous, like mine. I think he has pillows as fists. That’s what I felt in our last fight. With the strategies that he’s talking about, I don’t really know how to take it. I don’t know if he’s trying to throw me off my game by saying he’s going to knock me out. But it’s exciting to hear and I’m looking forward to February 22.”

Fury has stated before that his new camp has allowed him to learn new things. He has also lost weight in an attempt to find a new approach. Wilder doesn’t believe that is a smart move, as just like previous fights, the end result against Wilder could be inevitable.

“When you fight someone like me, it’s a mistake to tinker around with your training camp,” Wilder stated. “I’m unpredictable in that ring. When you have too many opinions and too many people who think they have the remedy, it usually backfires.”

Fury’s win over Otto Wallin may not have impressed Wilder or any heavyweight fighter based off of the latter’s shocking performance, but Wilder is not discounting him. Even though he believes Fury’s power isn’t on par with his, there is still something to marvel at when it comes to the man from Manchester.

“Fighting a guy like Fury, you have to be careful,” Wilder continued. “Time goes by so fast in the ring. You’re trying to do everything that you prepared for. With what he brings to the table with his boxing skills, you have to have some awareness of the clock. But with my power, it’s his job to really watch the clock and try to avoid me for 36 minutes. ”

Wilder has had a lot of big fights over the course of his career; winning the WBC Heavyweight Title off of Bermane Stiverne, the first Ortiz fight and even the first Fury fight. Without losing a fight, Wilder’s matchups are always special. The Fury rematch, however, is something Wilder believes to be a game-changer.

“I think this win will be more special than the others,” Fury went on to say. “Because of the history that we have, with that controversial draw. I consider Tyson a brother of this era, especially in the heavyweight division. The other fighters don’t want to let themselves loose and have fun. We’re both able to enjoy what we do day after day. Because when the bell rings, anything can happen.”

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