Wilder Hopes Miller Is Banned For Life

Deontay Wilder has had three fights changed or cancelled due to his opponents failing tests for performance enhancing drugs.

“Guys like that, drug cheats—they made me miss out on a lot of money,” Wilder (40-0-1, 39KO) stated during a roundtable featuring other world champions on FS1. “They made go into some of the toughest moments of my career and reconsider boxing.

“I don’t have no place in my heart for a cheat. This sport is very serious and I’m always talking about risking our lives in the ring. When a guy uses any type of things to make his body perform some type of way it ain’t supposed to, I don’t have no respect for you.”

In the case of Jarrell Miller, who prior to failing three consecutive drug tests for three separate substances, was dropped from WBC rankings for refusing to enroll in their Clean Boxing Program, and testing positive in 2014 while fighting for GLORY Kickboxing, Wilder finds it truly unforgivable.

“What he did is (inexcusable),” Wilder insists, at times shouting over the panel due to his passion on the subject. “Not only did he take this stuff but he allowed someone to inject it in him. Nobody knows who this guy is. Now he gets an opportunity of the lifetime and what does he do with it.

“I’m passionate about it because I’m so disappointed in him. I’m disappointed because he allowed his family to not have this opportunity. But you know how it goes. If you bless a foolish man, it becomes a curse… this man wanted popularity, he wanted fame. It just came in the worst way for him.”

“What makes it look so bad, he wanted to accuse (Joshua) of doing it, and then he does it,” Wilder pointed out of Miller’s hypocrisy during the initial media tour earlier this year. “The only way to put to a stop is if someone really puts an end to it—and he got to be the example.

“Lifetime ban for sure. He took multiple hardcore drugs. He took a drug that can give you cancer. What risk will you take to go to the top. You will kill yourself for fame. You will kill yourself for money. He got the opportunity of a lifetime. He got life-changing money. When you sticking stuff in your veins, that’s on purpose. Lifetime ban, count me in!”

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