Wilder: I KO’d Fury in the First Fight

Deontay Wilder says his December 2018 bout with Tyson Fury that went to a split draw shouldn’t have been such — he feels it should have been a 12th-round knockout win.

Fury pushed around Wilder and troubled him in their WBC title fight, with many thinking Fury deserved the nod. This was even after Wilder dropped Fury twice.

The second time came in the final round and saw Fury laying motionless, with many expecting the referee to count the former unified heavyweight champion out. But to surprise, Fury managed to get up and see the final bell.

Wilder believes Fury was down for at least 10 seconds, and the referee should have counted like such.

“I strongly believe I knocked him out,” Wilder told The Mirror (via Boxing Scene). “The referee said he went with the spirit of boxing and not the rules, but I don’t understand what that means because he has only got one job and it’s simple — even my one-year-old can do his job — and that is to count to 10.”

Wilder is expected to defend the WBC heavyweight title in a rematch with Luis Ortiz, possibly on Nov. 9, while Fury is scheduled to face Otto Wallin on Sept. 14. Should both come out victorious, the expectation is the pair will have their own rematch in early 2020.

Original Story: Boxing Scene

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