Wilder: “If I Lose, So Be It”

Walking into 2019, WBC world heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder is less concerned about having a draw on his record than what he does to get past it.

“A loss or a draw can be a great thing but it all depends on where your minds at.,” Wilder told BoxingScene.com recently “It can make you honest and humble. That’s how you become a 3-time 4-time champion. A lot of people want to see how you fall and get back up. That’s what people turn into see how you get back up.”

“I’m not worried about an undefeated record,” stated Wilder of his December 1st split-decision draw against Tyson Fury at Staples Center. “If I happen to lose, then so be it, watch my comeback and see how I get back. Blessings to all those that get in the ring, we put our life on the line for people’s entertainment.”

“The heavyweight divisions is so lit,” stated Wilder. “My mandatory (Dominic Breazale) wants me next. I’m going with Tyson Fury for sure. We have to do the rematch. It was a controversial fight and when it’s like that, you have to come back. It can’t be no draws. There’s a winner and a loser.”

“Nobody doing what I’m doing. I’m fighting killers back to back.”

Quotes Via: Boxing Scene

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