Wilder: Joshua Had Extra Security To Keep Him Out Of The Ring


As reported earlier this week on FIGHT SPORTS, Deontay Wilder will be watching March 31st’s Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker’s unification fight from home, and not ringside in Cardiff.

Wilder was set to be a part of the Sky Sports broadcast team, but Wilder stepped aside because Anthony Joshua wanted nothing to do with an in-ring standoff with Wilder.

“Sky Sports hired me to come over and I said I’d come on one condition: If AJ wins then I would get in front of the ring, size him up and tell him I wanted to knock him out,” said the WBC champion to NFL Network’s Good Morning Football.

“They said it wouldn’t be problem… days later I get a phone call from my manager saying it’s not going to be possible. And I said I couldn’t come if it wasn’t possible.”

Wilder also made the claim that Joshua’s team, hired extra security, even had a restraining order filed against the WBC champion.


Whether or not the latter is true, the cracks in a potential Wilder-Joshua fight continue to grow, and after March 31st, there may finally be an answer.

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