Wilder: Joshua Lacks Confidence

When hearing Anthony Joshua speak to the media, Deontay Wilder hasn’t heard a confident champion.

Wilder has been making it known that he wants Anthony Joshua, and Joshua has made it known that at some point in 2018 they will definitely fight, but probably not next.

While speaking to Boxing Scene, Wilder thinks the top U.K. star should be more confident since getting off the canvas to knock out Wladimir Klitschko in his career defining fight this past  April in a sold-out Wembley Stadium in London.

“When I hear stuff like that as a champion, as an aggressive champion and as a confident champion, I look at that as a lack of confidence… He’s talking about ‘sooner or later’ or he’s talking about how long I’ve been a pro and how he needs more time. That’s a sign of weakness in your mentality to me. If you’re a champion, you must be prepared and you must be ready at all times. That’s what it’s about, being a champion. And if you’re not prepared, if you’re not ready for anything that comes your way, you need to give up the belt.”

Wilder doesn’t understand why Joshua belabored the disparity in their experience levels during the aforementioned conference call. Ukraine’s Klitschko, had much more experience than Wilder when Joshua agreed to face the long-reigning former champion late last year.

“When he tells me about how long I’ve been a professional, then look at Klitschko… Klitschko’s been a professional way longer than I, he’s got way more knockouts on his record than I, he’s got way more wins on his record than I and he’s been around a really long time. So when he’s talking about how I’ve been a professional and he needs more time for me, people don’t wanna hear that. I definitely don’t wanna hear it, and it just shows a sign of weakness.”


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