Wilder Meh To Mayweather Return

Two weeks ago, Floyd Mayweather reiterated his retirement, then immediately announced a return to boxing in 2020.

While many in boxing circles were adjusting themselves from the whiplash of Mayweather’s conflicting announcements, WBC world heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder was preparing for his rematch with Luis Ortiz.

Now, with a seventh-round knockout of the Cuban southpaw in the books, Wilder gave his reaction to the undefeated former world champion’s decision.

“I have no idea,” Wilder said to Tha Boxing Voice on why Mayweather announced his return days before Wilder’s defense. “You know what I mean? I mean, it’s so many different things that could be said about it. But, you know, it is what it is. Let him do what he do. You know, whether he come back or not, that’s up to him. Personally, I really don’t care. You know, it’s not stopping nothing over here. Even if he announced something during that time, as you can see, it didn’t stop nothing. And it’s not gonna stop nothing. You know, I’m my own entity. I’m my own man. I do my own thing. And my reputation and where I’m going, no one is gonna be able to touch it. No one. No matter what.”

“You know, and I see a lot of things and I read a lot of things,” Wilder said of criticism of him. “And the people are on my side, man. You know, the things I talk about, the things I stand for and represent as a champion, they sees it. My work is not going [unnoticed]. I got the culture, man. I got the people behind me. I love my people. It ain’t all about money and this and that, because money is materialistic, bro. That come and go. But when you have loyalty, respect, dignity and pride from the people, inspiration, I got mens that’ll run through walls for me – literally. Man, it’s crazy. But it’s just like the motivation they see from me, as a black man, to stand up for what is right. And everyone don’t always wanna hear about what can be bought or what they have. … Let’s face it – a lot of us in America, a lot of people will never get the opportunity to experience what a luxury life looks like or even feel like. So, really, that’s just puttin’ sh-t in people face. At the end of the day, it can [only] be so much motivation, until your only talk is about materialistic things. That ain’t motivating people. That ain’t moving people, you know? And what I’m doing as a champion, and how I’m building my legacy for the people – and really for the people, especially my people, because I love all people, but I love my people; everyone else loves theirs – and when you have a champion that loves his people, man, it’s different.

“Bro, when I go places, I don’t have a worry in the world. No matter how dangerous it may be [portrayed], or how safe it is, I don’t have [to worry] because of what I stand for. And people see it, and they know it. People know bullsh-t when they see it, bruh. And with me, I’m just – I get amazed and I get overwhelmed when I go places and certain people come up to me and how they’ll break down to me. No matter if they a killer in the streets or whatever, bro, they’ll break down and tell me they respect me and they appreciate what I’m doing, and how I’m inspiring them to be great, bro. That sh-t, when you have men coming, break down and cry to you, bro, that let me know that I’m on the right path. No matter how many haters I may have in this world, or what they say that I am, you know, I know I’m affecting the world. I’m an influencer. I’m a trendsetter. And when I have so many people coming up, grown-ass men, you know, to break down, I know I’m in the right direction. I’m a leader of men. And when you have the respect like that from the people, you ain’t worried about small talk. You ain’t worried about the other things that other people try to do to try to, you know, not give you your proper respect. You ain’t worried about that. You just lettin’ them run out, because they runnin’ out. That’s it. Runnin’ out. You know, and it’s all good. It is what it is. Let ‘em keep hatin’. Ain’t nothing gonna stop me, man.”

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